Drowning In Melted Starbursts

I do not at all feel like writing this blog right now, but I have to.  I would rather headbutt a unicorn, impale myself through the forehead, and flail wildly as it gallops across the universe and delivers rainbows to trolls or whatever it is that they do.  Why?  I’m tired.  I don’t feel like slamming my forehead against these keys (that’s how I type) while at the same time try to find meaning in my own rambling.  I would rather drown in a pool of melted starbursts while someone sitting at the edge of the pool reads the most recent draft of my novel and gives me his unsolicited opinion, “You should just stick with music!  Unsubscribed!”  And I’m all in there, sticky, and drowning, but I yell back, “That’s just like, you’re opinion, man!”  And he yells back, “That’s the improper usage of you’re; it should be your!”  And I’m like, “How can you tell!?  We’re speaking!”  And then he replies, “I just know!  We’re actually inside of your blog!  We don’t exist!  We’re made up characters!”  And then, as I die, inhaling that pink glop of strawberry flavored starburst, as I'm both enjoying its sweetness and choking to death, I realize that I am a fictional character within my own blog, and in that knowing I find peace, and I don’t die, I turn into a donut, and then I turn into a unicorn, and then I impale myself in the past.

I don’t know.  It’s Sunday.  I feel like lying back and eating forty-seven bowls of Peanut Butter M&Ms, but sometimes doing what you feel like doing isn't good for you.  Sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do in order to get to where you want to go.  It's discipline.  And this writing, here, for me, is a practice of discipline.  If I didn't do it, it'd carry over into tomorrow, and I'd be little lazier, cut a few more corners, and that'd bleed into my music, into my writing, into my other projects.  Nothing is given to you.  Everything is earned.  On the road to success, for anyone, in any field, there are tasks that suck.  Doing those sucky things makes you strong.  So do 'em.  Have willpower.  Check yourself.  Humans have lazy little bodies that want huge awards for minor successes.  Rise above that.

Goodnight.  And good luck.


- Kai

In a comment below, answer this:  Is there something you did last week that you didn't feel like doing, but you did anyway?  Is there something coming up this week that you really don't feel like doing, but have to?  Are you nervous?  Scared?  Or just being lazy?  Let me know.  Your lives are interesting.  I loved your comments last time around.

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown