Music Video?

Photo by Sarah Vucurevich

This last Saturday we started production on the first music video from Toothpick - the song Don't Tread On Me (the photo above was taken on set).  Next day of shooting is tomorrow.  And real quick, man, I just want to say thank you to everyone who is listening to this album, to whoever is sharing it, to whoever is making it a part of their lives - really, thank you.  The song Hurricane climbed to #2 on Spotify's Viral Global and US charts.  Don't Tread On Me made it to #13 on the front page of Hype Machine.  And I don't share that with you to brag, at all; I know I have a ways to go.  I'm just grateful.  I feel like any success achieved by any song or album has less to do with me, and is more a gift from you, the listener.  With every play, with every share, you're voting for which artists will or will not end up doing this for a living.  So, to you, whoever is reading this, thanks for listening.  James The Bear and I are already deep into my next album, and I hope you love this one just as much as the last.