This first shot is of myself and two of my favorite people, Kyle McCarthy and Tyler Manzo, on the set of the Don't Tread on Me music video.  And by the set, I mean my friend's mom's place.  I've collaborated with Tyler, on the far right, since the dawn of man; he put together the album cover for Toothpick, the single artwork for Friction, Hurricane, etc, etc; you'll see more from us.  Our collaborations normally begin with me explaining some ridiculous idea and then him excitedly agreeing and then we both riff on each others' weird ideas until we're both nodding and agreeing so much that we start to vibrate and puncture a hole in the universe.  Kyle, in the middle, isn't worth writing anything about because he's just kind of terrible (haha, come out to the city soon, man).

We were filming until midnight - 1AM or so for this one.  Jeanne, my friend's mom, was sleeping in the other room as Kyle held the fake 9MM and roamed the house's hallways on the prowl for Victoria (actress who played the lead), while my friend's dog, a labrador retriever named Blue, kept wandering into frame.  Victoria, pot in hand, would be creeping up behind Kyle real serious-like, and then I'd see Blue watching nonchalantly from under the table.

- Kai