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Another Man's Woman

Album: [Untitled]




This a sad sad song

This ain’t chasing birds

And the water’s way too cold

I can’t say that I’m plain wrong

In part, it’s not my fault

The heart breaks on its own

But never in all my life

As a red-blooded man with eyes

Have I seen a sunset with half that shine

And no, I’d never cross a line

But god damn it, if I could find

A way to do it, I’d turn back time


And no, this ain’t love

And no, I ain't lookin'

I’ve too much pride

To love another man’s woman

But if this was

It’d break my heart

It’s like I found a home that fell apart


She had me feelin’ like


If to covet is a sin

Then I’ve been giving in

She had me feelin’ like


This wall is not a window

I need to let this go


So I’ve quartered me this song

As a place for moving on

I can’t chase something that’s gone

It’s like a part of me’s been stung

This the poison off my tongue

A last drink to sate this drunk


This is

Late night phone calls - this is

Making love in our own kitchen

Showing you new songs, “listen,

This has your sweet tones in it”

Hip to hip doing all the dishes

Going grey but keepin’ all the kisses

This ain’t a wish or a want this is

A bittersweet so long


But this ain’t love

And no I ain’t lookin’

I’ve too much pride

To love another man’s woman

Yet, if this was

You could take my heart

I knew you were my home right from the start


You had me feelin’ like




You got me feelin’ like





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