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ASAP / Made in New Orleans


I’m leaving on the red eye flight this

Ain’t the life I’m supossed to die in

I’ll pay with severed ties just

To fight this cold that I’m in

So take me to the Carolinas

And I’ll bring one chair to climb in

I don’t care where I find it

Somewhere I can let the light in

I’ll take this to the lakes, make some Chicago mistakes

And then to where the ocean meets the trees

And then New York and then LA

Until I get the timbre of my soul

To break through the limits of my home

Tell the bay don’t keep my place from getting cold

I’ma fill my cup, my friend

‘Till my race is won

And my pace ain’t glued to no one, I am

some Himalayan lungs

Beneath the shades of blue that were once Cheyenne

I’ma chase the sun

And I’ma hold its light in both my hands 

Until I’m laced with some


Like diamonds on a Maybach

Like a lighter to a haystack

Call the fireman, asap

You can tell the man stay back

Stay back!


In everything I knew I see a prison in that

It’s like the only way to lose is to sit in the back

I’m not running out of juice, I’m just switching the tap

I want a snickerdoodle, dude, where the cinnamon at

Gimme new like booze to an innocent cat

Cut me loose like zeus when the sinners attack

Like a goon haiku with a syllable added

I’ma do as I do, I’m a criminal act

Let me hear a hallelujah for living to death, bitch

I’m all can do ‘till the minute my death hits

It’s always high noon to the man who is tested

To stay in the platoon is to stay electric

Some live in the boom and some live in the way back

Some get from the lagoon what you get from the waiter

And I’m mine - I’m choosing to live in a way that

Takes the light of the boom and plates that

It’s like I’m dining on a Maybach


Like a lighter to a haystack

Call the fireman, asap

You can tell the man stay back

Stay back!


This is going alone in the dead of the night

It’s grabbing a coat, let’s get outside

It’s taking a boat to some place I don’t know and cannot find

If we meet in a Lowes or we meet in Dubai

No matter the coast and no matter the time

No matter the road or how far it goes, you bet I’ll try


To find out where my home is

The last girl I’ll ever notice

I’ve traveled this world alone just

To find my bed of roses


If you’re the diamonds to my Maybach

If you’re the lighter to my haystack

And you want me where your state’s at

Call the fireman asap


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