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Album: [Untitled]

I used to like it when my night was lawless

When I woke up, I took shame with my toast

I’d try to black out just to rent the void

That’s an 11-hour break for my ghost

I quit drinking but kept looking for it

The feeling like I’m worth the breath in my throat

Like “look at me, I made it, I’m important”

Sometimes success can hide the overdose

It’s like your wants can show you where you’re broken

In what you think you need, you show what you smoke

With every wish, what you could have is stolen

A jealous mind is self-hate in a cloak

And I don’t want a life of chasing something

Even highs that are plated with gold

If my joy requires I take the summit

Then I’m a user disguising the dope


I’ve been addicted to pain

Let it rip through my mind

I’ve lost my way

Time after time

I’ve slipped into hate

I’ve run from the fight

And all that pain made me sick of the lies

Now all I want is freedom


When I’m at the end of all this

When I’m grey with ache in my bones

And my final day is coming on

And I’m making my escape as a ghost

I hope I want nothing and nothing’s enough

I hope there’s no chains that I’m trying to give up

I hope there’s no shame as I start to lift up

All I hope to say when the moth man comes is


All I want is freedom

Now all I want is freedom

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