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Green Lights

Album: [Untitled]

I said I’m on my way

With these steps I take

And if I might lose

That’s a road, not a tattoo

‘Cause I’m on my way

From every mess I’ve made

And to all that presses on me

You will retrograde


‘Cause I’m on my way

I’m done living in the yellows

I said I’m on my way

I’m all pedal to the metal

I’m all green lights


My ceiling won’t be wiling to raise

If I’m addicted to what’s keeping it low

If I’m living as a villain of change

I’m a killer of how I could’ve grown

To be wishing for a way to escape

While doing nothing, saying leave it alone

That’s licking on the edge of the blade

Waiting for the watermelon flavor to flow


There’s part of you that’s hidden where the lion is

In the arena with hunger beneath his eyelids

That’s the limit that you live with in silence

That’s the sigh of your violin

But its song is your call to unbind it

Who you’ve been isn’t who you need to align with

Go ‘head tell me I’ve changed ’n I like it, ‘cause that’s right, man

I’m feelin’ like napalm mixed with the chainsaw man

My balls clang when I stand up

And that’s change to a man

Who was black out wasted again

With his face in the sand

Every light, every (csss) of the can

Every night was a knife in the shape of a hand

‘Till I paused one day

And I saw through the fog to a new someday

A new Kai lookin’ brand new like blue sun rays

through the dew when the new sun wakes

And I thought that’s me, so I reached to it

Every minute, every day, grit my teeth through it

’Till the me who I saw in that dream was the me

who’s looking right back as I’m flossing my teeth

This me is the home on the beach

This me is the lambo, owned not leased

This me was the goal, I’m the three-peat

I’m the only proof I need that I’m on my way


I’m done living in the yellows

‘Cause I’m on my way

All of this will be an echo

I’m all green lights


‘Cause I’m on my way

I said I’m on my way

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