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Indiana / Made in San Francisco


I didn’t want to write you a love song

If you weren’t here to sing a long

But now that I’m alone, I can say so

And I didn’t want to write you a slow song

Without you here to lean on

Yet here I am choking on the same notes

But maybe we’re in love in a different lifetime

And I write the same song but with different lines

Like you’re here by my piano on a different time line

And I sing - like the stones to the clay mine


You can lean on me, Indiana

In any world I am a part

You can lean on me, Indiana

I'll hold your place if life restarts


Like maybe we’re just one of a million us’s

And what one of them does, the other doesn’t

Like there’s a version of this song that I don’t sing alone

And there’s a version of you who didn’t have to go

Or maybe I’m just a broken man

For whom love is a wasteland

And for a time as you held my hand

I felt a home I’m safe in

So it’s hard to find my never mind

Can’t I borrow lines from another lifetime?


You can lean on me, Indiana

You can lean on me, Indiana


This is your song, I hope you love it

This is my soul, have a piece of it

And though I play this to an empty room

There’s some other me’s with some other you’s

And we all end the song just the same

Whether I’m alone or I married you


There’s no sweeter way I can spend my days

You reading next to me - my wish has been met

You calm my sea - you stay my hand

I found a lover and a friend

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