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I just hit 20,000 followers on IG!

Hitting some kind of milestone always makes me reflect more than usual, so I’m going to retell my story a bit – but there’s a point to it.

A little over a year ago, I was planning to go into work one weekend – instead, San Francisco called for all nightclubs to close their doors because of the pandemic and I got a call telling me my salary had been cut. I’d held that job for eight years. I invested my life into it. It seemed to me like I’d get married, have kids, and feed a family with that career. And then in one week, it was gone. Moments like that can wreck you. And if you only take one thing from following me on my journey, it’s this. In your lowest moments, when you feel lost, when it seems like everything around you has crumbled, there are seeds in that rubble – seeds that otherwise would not have been set free had your world not fallen apart. With those seeds you can grow a different life for yourself; one that’s greater and more fulfilling than the one before. In brokenness, there is opportunity. When your life falls apart, build a better one.

In all of us there are potentialities imprisoned by the comfort of our lives. The life I’d built fell apart, and because of that I was set free from my own comfortable prison. We don’t want to start over because it’s scary. We don’t want to pursue what we love because the risk feels too great. Instead – we guarantee ourselves a life tinged with the pain of regret, embittered by the taste of ‘if-onlys’, living as the desaturated version of ourselves – unfound and half-bloomed – until that passive march brings us to our last day. Don’t just seize the day; seize your life. 💀☀️

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