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You may have noticed all of the artwork for my singles are various depictions of skulls.  Or on social media you've seen me ask my followers to comment with a skull to show support.  That may be confusing, like - how is this guy so positive but using such a negative symbol so often?  Here's an explanation, because I want you to be a part of this.
Before I quit drinking (sober for ~8 years) my brother gave me a bottle of skullhead vodka. The bottle is shaped like a skull. For some reason I never opened it, and after I quit drinking, I kept the bottle out. It's in my living room right now, actually.  I like keeping it out because it reminds me that I made a choice to own my life, and every day when I see that skull bottle I'm reminded that I'm making that same choice.  Someone may ask - doesn't that bottle of vodka remind you of the bad choices you made, the person you were, and so on?  It doesn't.  It reminds me I've had the strength to become the person I am.  I think taking ownership of something many could view as negative and pulling from it joy and growth is the key to sustained happiness.  I always look to see the strength that can bloom from tragedy.  My life has required that.  Recently, I lost my job, and I'm going to make that mean opportunity instead of despair.  That's, essentially, the story of the skull.  In my world, it means strength, love, and resilience. You can view the way I use that symbol as a metaphor for how I approach life.  It represents ones ability to let sunshine radiate from everything.  It means, I am the architect of myself - regardless of circumstance.

- Kai

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